By Plane

Flying is arguably the best method to get around the US. You will have to put up with airport security and luggage sizes but the time savings can be enormous.

While there is no RyanAir in the US, there are still several different carriers that offer low-cost fares to destinations across the country. Keep in mind, that these prices often don’t include checked baggage, and may not even permit a carry on item without an additional fee.

The internet savvy will be able to search for the absolute cheapest fare if they’re on a budget, but here are a few low-cost airlines that operate in the US:


  • Costs vary wildly based on the day, carrier, and whether or not you have bags. A one way summer flight, non-stop from Seattle to New York could cost you around $200 in economy class.


  • The same trip, if you’re lucky with a non-stop flight, can take as little as 5 and a half hours. Remember that does not include getting to the airport early to go through security, or retrieve any checked baggage.