How to Properly Format Addresses in the US

The following are some example formats for different types of addresses.

Home Addresses

123 Fake Street
Seattle, WA 98112

349 23rd Avenue
Burlington, WA 98233

Apartment Addresses

5555 Example Lane
Apartment 25
Seattle, WA 98112

1234 Fake Street
Apt. 102B
Richmond, VA 23221

Business Addresses

Corporate Headquarters
343 Business Place
Suite 314
Seattle, WA 98112

Office Land
134 Corporate Drive
Floor 12, Suite 356
Los Angeles, CA 90008

Understanding the Address Components

Now that you’ve seen a few examples, let’s break down the different components of an address using the below as an example:

5555 Example Lane
Apartment 25
Seattle, WA 98112

  • The first line includes: Building Number and Street Name. This line tells you what street your building is on, and where on that street you can find the building.
  • The second line will include which part of the building is yours. This can be a room number, apartment number (like the example), unit number or something else.
    • Don’t worry if this line is blank. Even if you are sharing a residential home, it most likely will be blank.
  • The third line includes the City Name, State Abbreviation, and ZIP Code.
  • By default, if you are mailing within the US, you do not need to specify the country.

You may notice many different abbreviations in addresses such as ‘St.’ for ‘Street’ or ‘Ave’ for ‘Avenue’. Typically, US addresses use the abbreviated forms for mailing but it is good to know what the short forms mean. For a more extensive list of common terms and their abbreviations head over to this USPS® page.

Post Office Boxes

Commonly referred to as PO Boxes, or P.O. Box, these are only used for mail. The addresses above can describe both your physical location, and tell your friends where to send gifts. PO Boxes only tell your friends where to send gifts, not where to find you.

The format is similar to regular addresses, except you include the Box number on the first line instead of a street address.


PO Box 1234
Sunnyland, WA 12345