FAQ Page

Tax Assistance

Please review our information on taxes here. For questions about your specific situation, we recommend contacting a tax professional such as Taxback.com.(Using the Tax Calculator or links to Taxback.com helps support us at no cost to you via a small commission)


Internship Saver does not offer tax preparation services at this time. We recommend you review our Q&A Session with Taxback.com on taxes and contact an appropriate organization if you need further assistance.

Generally, all income earned in the US should be reported to the IRS. Please review our page on taxes for additional information.

Placement Services

That is a great question to ask our community on our Slack Group!

We do not currently have partnerships in that area.

Housing Services

That would be a great question to ask on our #housing channel in our Slack Group! You can also join a local channel (like #newyork or #seattle) to be more specific on the area you want to live in.

This can be rather subjective. If you have contacts in the city you are going to, try asking someone local to the area. If you don’t know anyone there, join our Slack Group and make friends in the area!

See our section on housing for information on how to avoid scams.

Housing prices can change based on the market, location and quality of the apartment. We recommend you view our housing resources to find out more on the area you wish to move to.

My Application Was Rejected

There are many factors that go into these decisions. The issue may not even have to do with you, or the company you wish to do an internship or other program with. For example, J-1 sponsors have a limited amount of DS-2019 forms so can only accept a certain amount of applicants each year. Please reach out to the company you are working with directly, for more information.

Check out our resources on eligibility for the J-1 Trainee and Internship programs. Ultimately, sponsorship approval is at the discretion of the sponsor, and visa approval is at the sole discretion of the embassy, so approval cannot be guaranteed by a third-party.