About Us

Experience Matters

You want experience in the USA to advance your professional or academic career. We have the experience to help you get it.


Internship Saver is the culmination of over six years of on the ground experience dealing with the daily challenges of government rules and regulations.

Experience that can only be gained by actually administering exchange programs.


Our goal is to help remove access barriers for career development in the USA by providing high value, affordable services. This means a commitment to the values, not profits, found by exchange programs.


Internship Saver is more than a company, it is an idea. The idea that true success is achieved not by keeping people down, but by bringing people up.

We are committed to bringing people and ideas together to form a foundation to help tomorrows leaders succeed.

My name is Bradley Bazhaw and I founded Internship Saver in 2017. While the company is new to the exchange visitor community, I am not. I draw from over six years of experience administering J-1 Trainee and Internship programs at a Department of State designated sponsor organization.

I created Internship Saver knowing that coming to the US on an exchange visitor program can be time-consuming and expensive. But with a little help and the right experience, it doesn’t have to be.

I will not claim to be able to┬áissue you a visa, simply to pass you off to another company. Then have you find out that you still have to go to the embassy for your visa while the fees keep stacking up. You won’t be charged hundreds of dollars for me to forward a couple of emails. I will be transparent about partnerships, what we can and can not offer, and use my experience and resources to connect you to only what you need.

Internship Saver is a platform to connect students and professionals with information and resources about exchange visitor programs and practical information about getting to, and living in, the US. The resources are built from industry knowledge, research, and inspired by the feedback of thousands of exchange visitors.

Don't take my word for it - join our Global Community to chat with me, and connect with real people on the same journey as you and get tips from those who have already been there.