Any of these questions sound familiar?

  • I’m on a J1 visa. Do I have to pay tax?
  • I already paid taxes. Can I get money back?
  • Do I have to file a tax return?
  • How much will filing cost me?

There are so many Tax laws and regulations that can change each year, that even Americans rely on specialists who are specifically trained and certified to help them complete their taxes. J-1 Taxes add another layer of complexity to this topic.

That's why we give members access to some amazing benefits like:

  • $20 Off of filing fees with our partner
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Any individual is welcome to join! You don’t have to be on a visa in the US, or even planning on getting a US visa. If you are an organization, or individual representing an organization, such as a recruiter, and want to join please contact us first.

All members have immediate access to:

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As the saying goes, the only things certain in life are death and taxes. Fortunately for you we have lots of information on taxes, and that sweet apartment, internship offer, or BFF might just be waiting for you in our community.

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