DS-7002 Training Plan Example


The DS-7002 Training Plan has always been a confusing and labor-intensive form for host organizations and J-1 Visa applicants to complete – until now.

This DS-7002 Example PDF from Internship Saver includes:

  • Detailed examples and explanations relevant to completing the form for sponsorship
  • Helps guide you through creating a training plan in any field
  • Show potential employers you’re prepared with resources to make the sponsorship process quick and easy
  • Standard PDF format for easy viewing
  • Created from an actual DS-7002 template


Detailed by Design

Internship Saver created this DS-7002 Example with the first time J-1 visa applicant in mind.

Each field is filled out with either an example of what should go in that field, or an explanation of how to fill in that field. Many of the fields are also marked with additional comments, to further help you understand how to complete the form.

Created with Confidence

Because we have years of experience reviewing, editing and approving DS-7002 training plans at a US sponsor organization, you can trust the knowledge on every page.

Are you still applying for internships?

This guide will help you prepare for employers who may have questions about visa sponsorship. Because the more you prepare for an application, the higher your chances the employer will offer you the position. With Internship Savers help, you can show employers you will make the sponsorship process quicker and easier.

So what are you waiting for? Get a head start on your visa sponsorship application. Download our free members-only DS-7002 example.

Additional information

DS-7002 Example

Written specifically with first time J-1 Visa applicants mind.

Time Saving

Explanations and examples given for fields on the whole document. You will not have to spend time guessing on how to fill in the form.


Many fields have both an example and explanation of the content.


Created from experience working on and reviewing thousands of training plans at a US Department of State designated sponsor organization.