Community Guidelines

Hello! Hallo! Szia! Hola! Bonjour! Ciao! Marhabaa! Hej! Thank you for joining the Internship Saver Community! Our mission is to create a fun and engaging community. You can help keep it that way by following these guidelines.

1) Set a profile photo
Please set a real photo as your profile pic and a real name. This is not a requirement, but this is a community for people not companies so you be you! We are @internship_saver and use our logo so we’re easy to spot 😊
2) Be nice

Besides not making a fool out of yourself or being a jerk – each of you is a mini ambassador to your country, culture, etc. Your bad behavior will reflect poorly on your friends and family back home, and you may be the only person someone in this group has met from your area.

Post deletion has been turned OFF so think hard about what you say!

Anyone who is caught harassing, threatening, disrespecting, or illustrating similar negative behavior will be banned.

3) Don’t be mean

Do we have to explain this one too?

4) Don’t be sexist or racist

Spirited debates are one thing, but putting people down and the use of discriminatory or hateful speech is not for here. If you want to spout hate speech, invite people to your personal blog. Better yet – Educate yourself on how to be a better human.

5) This site is about internships, training programs and other short-term visit and exchange visitor programs. Please do not post about how to abuse visa programs to stay in the US longer, or to attempt to circumvent rules, regulations or policies established by sponsor organizations or other governing bodies.

These types of comments will get you banned, and these types of behaviors are why many want these beneficial programs shut down.

6) Do not post job ads in the Slack group

There are other sites for that. Any postings should be limited to internship, training or other category specific opportunities and in the appropriate channel such as #internship_offers. Regular staff positions being posted are not ok. No – changing the job title to “Intern” does NOT count.

EXCEPTION: If you want to connect someone to an opportunity OUTSIDE of the US, that would be appropriate for an industry channel or #_careers.

7) Don’t register as a company or a brand and/or advertise your product/products

Your account will be disabled and you will not receive a refund. We don’t allow brands/companies on here, unless as paid advertisement or a way that specifically benefits the community. Don’t use affiliate links in your posts when linking to products you talk about please. This includes promo codes.

7b) If you want to promote something, you can advertise

Contact us at hello at internshipsaver (dot) com. You’ll help support Internship Saver and keep our community growing.

8) Don’t ask for or give people medical or legal advice

If you’re a professional in these areas, be smart about the advice you give. If you’re asking for help, understand the limits of informal advice.

9) Please do NOT discuss or endorse (we will ban you if you do)
  • Tax evasion
  • Visa fraud
  • Sex tourism, prostitution, or other forms of human trafficking or exploitation
  • Anything illegal

EXCEPTION: If you want to discuss how to STOP any of these types of activities, or want help identifying local resources about support or prevention. If you think you or someone you know is a victim of human trafficking or a crime please report it to the appropriate authorities and seek professional support. If you have an emergency call 911.

Human Trafficking support:

10) Feedback on Internship Saver
If you have feedback on our site, Slack group or other related material, please use the contact form on the website. This is the best way for us to catalog your feedback.
11) I need help!
Contact @internship_saver from moderation issues and hello at internshipsaver (dot) com for account support issues.
12) Not following these guidelines results in permanent bans

There is not a massive team of moderators who have time for your shenanigans. If you do not follow these guidelines your access will be revoked and you will be banned. No refunds will be provided, however memberships will be cancelled, if applicable.

If you sign up again with different information, like Liam Neeson we will find you. And ban you. Again, and again.

13) Legal

By using, posting or reading on Internship Saver’s Slack Team, comments, website, you agree to our legal terms. Basically, this means that means we’re not responsible if you follow the advice on this site or from the community and it does not work for you and you suffer injury or damages, and you give us a license to use everything you write in the group or on our site to publish.