Actual Cost of Doing an Internship in the US

Getting additional training in your field in the US is a great way to boost your CV. But what is the cost of such a rewarding experience? At Internship Saver we want to make sure you have as few surprises as possible, so you’re able to budget accordingly.

Below is a breakdown of fees or costs you can expect at different stages as you go from finding your internship, to arriving at your accommodations in the US. Your actual costs will vary based on the services you select. Estimates or actual costs are given when possible, and in US Dollars.

Finding your internship:

  • Placement Services: $200-$3000+
  • While we don’t offer placement services, you can increase your network by becoming a member of our Slack community. Join our #internship_offers channel, or one of the industry channels like #marketing or #architecture. You can also join by city or region like #losangeles or #westcoast

Applying for sponsorship:

  • Sponsorship fees: $250-$1500+
  • Travelers Health Insurance: ~$30-$100 per month
  • Official English language translation of documents: $30 per page and up, or $.06 per word and up

Applying for your visa:

  • SEVIS Fee: $180
  • Visa Application Fee: $160*
  • Proof of financial support: Varies – ask your sponsor for more information. If your internship is unpaid, expect to be required to show at least $900 per month of your program
    • Note: This is not an additional fee, but something to consider with your overall budget
  • Travel costs to/from Embassy: Varies

Preparing for your stay:

  • Housing: 1st months rent + deposit (varies)
    • See our housing help section for time and money-saving tips

Getting to the US:

  • Transportation to the airport/train-station/etc. in your home country: Varies
  • Cost of transportation to the US: Varies
  • Cost of transport from port of entry to lodging

*Citizens of Canada and Bermuda may not need to apply for a J-1 visa at an embassy or consulate under most conditions so should not be responsible for this fee. More information is available here.