Gift Card

Gift Cards and Alipay

Treat Yourself, or a Friend

Do you know someone who could benefit from access to our Global Community? Or maybe you’re at a university and want to purchase credit for your students to be able to join. With the launch of our new digital Gift Card, now you can send credit to yourself or someone you know.

Choose the perfect amount:

With no pre-set increments you can purchase in any amount you like.*

Purchase as many as you want, and send to whoever you want:

1. Select the credit value per gift card you wish to purchase (e.g. $20).

2. Select the number of gift cards you wish to purchase (e.g. 4).

3. On the Checkout Page select “Gift Coupons to Someone Else”.

4. Select “Send to Different People”.

5. Enter the email address and a custom message to each recipient and you are ready to finish your purchase!

*Minimum purchase of $5.00 applies.

A New Way to Purchase

With the introduction of our Gift Card, we are now accepting Alipay! Alipay is a Chinese based payment processor. Like PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or other companies you may be more familiar with, it allows you to make secure payments.

Currently we are only able to accept non-recurring payments with Alipay. Our Gift Cards are a perfect way to use Alipay as they are simple one time transactions.

You might be wondering: “Can I use Alipay to pay for a Global Community Membership?” The answer to this question is YES. You will not be able to do so directly, but you can use the purchase of a Gift Card to pay for a membership.


How to Use Alipay for Memberships

Up until now if you wanted to make a purchase at Internship Saver you had to do so via credit card. Credit cards are popular in the US but may not be your preferred method of payment. However, as our service is subscription based, we needed a payment method that supported automatic, recurring payments. 

 This is still true, but now you have another option: 

1. Purchase credit at Internship Saver for yourself or someone else with a Gift Card for the length of membership you would like. Select Credit Card or Alipay at checkout.

Example: You want 6 months of the Standard membership so you purchase a Gift Card for yourself for $42.

2. After completing your purchase, select the membership level you would like, and use your “store credit” to pay for it! 

Note: You must purchase the Gift Card separately first in order to enable Alipay payment.

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